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30 We

Prime Minister Putin chairs a meeting on improving the environmental situation in Russia

"There is always a conflict between development and conservation. There always has been, and there always will be, but we need to strike a balance."

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29 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the preliminary results of expert research into socio-economic strategy through 2020

“In making these decisions, we must above all proceed from the necessity of fulfilling our social commitments to our citizens.”

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26 Sa

Vladimir Putin visits a skating rink in the Leningrad Region where athletes are training for the figure skating world championship in 2011

Vladimir Putin visits a skating rink in the Leningrad Region where athletes are trained by Honoured Coach of Russia and national team coach Tamara Moskvina for the figure skating world championship in 2011.

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25 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment

“Foreign investors are clearly interested in the Russian market and the opportunities it offers. Moreover, Russia’s key economic indicators are showing good progress. The Russian stock market has become a leader in terms of the growth of stock indexes and showed the best performance among BRIC countries and even among major developed economies.”

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24 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a government meeting

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reported that the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships will take place in Russia from April 24 to May 1. This decision was made by the International Skating Union (ISU). Having thanked the ISU for this decision, Putin said that all participants and guests of the championships “will feel at home in Moscow”.

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22 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Pavel Gantar, President of Slovenia’s National Assembly

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin noted that it was hard to overestimate the role of parliaments in creating a moral atmosphere of cooperation. He drew attention to the fact that Slovenia is careful about the memory of Russian soldiers killed there during various periods of European history.

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21 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with top managers of BASF

Mr Putin described BASF as one of the principal investors in the Russian economy, and noted its decision to participate in the South Stream project in addition to Nord Stream.

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19 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the comprehensive development of the fuel and energy industry in Eastern Siberia and the Far East

“It is specifically the high-tech fuel and energy industry that can become an important area of support for the region's development and its integration into the Russian and global economy space, while helping to eliminate the existing infrastructure constraints to general development.”

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18 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hosts a teleconference on preparations for spring sowing

“This year we need to compensate as much as possible for the losses of the two previous lean years, create a stable grain balance and build up reserves. Moreover, grain is a basic resource for the development of cattle breeding and other areas of agriculture.”

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17 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev

“The level of Russian-Kazakh relations is very high, largely due to your efforts,”Vladimir Putin said to Nursultan Nazarbayev. Prime Minister Putin also expressed hope that such conditions would continue in the future. He said, “For our part, we are specifically working towards this goal.”

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16 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan

At the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that despite problems in the global economy, Russian-Turkish economic cooperation is developing favourably. In particular, he pointed to growth in bilateral trade, which has risen by almost 30% over the last year, as well as progress in joint energy, transport, and infrastructure projects

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15 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the situation around the nuclear power plant in Japan

Even the worst-case scenario at Japan's nuclear power plants poses no threat to Russia's Far East. This was the main conclusion reached by conference participants. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin nonetheless ordered a review of the current condition, future plans and development prospects for Russia's nuclear industry. He also proposed accelerating oil and gas projects in the Far East to increase supplies to Japan.

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14 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress

Mr Putin and Mr Kress discussed the socio-economic situation in the Tomsk Region. The prime minister said that the region was doing fairly well in many areas. In particular, Mr Kress noted its smooth contacts with the federal Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance.

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12 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Rosatom Director General Sergei Kiriyenko and First Deputy Emergencies Minister Ruslan Tsalikov

The discussion centered on the situation related to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Among other things, Mr Putin instructed officials to study the issue of increasing the supply of hydrocarbons to Japan, and to re-verify the readiness of the manpower and resources in the event of situations of this kind.

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11 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting in Ryazan to review the progress of programmes to improve perinatal care and modernise regional healthcare

“Our goal is to create truly modern medical centres in every sense of the word: from the adoption of high technology to comfortable conditions in the wards. And here much depends on the approach of the government – at both federal and regional levels.”

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10 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the drafting of state programmes

“We must place fundamentally different demands on the effectiveness of government administration and, of course, substantially increase the return on every rouble in government investment in terms of improving the lives of our citizens and developing our society and economy.”

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9 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Valery Ryazansky, leader of the Pensioners’ Union of Russia and first deputy head of the United Russia party in the State Duma

Vladimir Putin and Valery Ryazansky discussed the indexation of labour and social pensions, scheduled for April and July respectively. The prime minister suggested indexing both pensions simultaneously, on April 1, so that “people start to receive more money earlier, already in April, without having to wait until July.”

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8 Tu

Vladimir Putin congratulates women on March 8 (International Women's Day)

On the eve of March 8 (International Women's Day), Prime Minister Vladimir Putin congratulates female journalists in the government press and all women of Russia

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5 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Andrei Krainy, head of the Federal Agency for Fishery

The prime minister and his colleague discussed the results of the fishing industry in 2010, as well as the results of government support for the industry. Mr Putin also inquired whether recreational fishermen will be charged fees for fishing. Mr Krainy responded that his agency has no such plans.

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4 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrives on a working visit to Bryansk for the United Russia Party Interregional Conference on the Development Strategy for Central Russia through 2020

“We must find solutions that allow the country to develop steadily while also giving the majority of citizens the opportunity to experience the impact of this development in their own lives, to see for themselves how it has improved their lives and the lives of their children, to reap the benefits of this development – not in the remote future, but today.”

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3 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the widows of miners who died in mining accidents in Vorkuta

They considered how to resettle the miners’ widows away from the Far North to other parts of Russia. During the meeting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the state will fund half the cost of new housing for the widows in the areas of their choice, with company shareholders paying the other half. “We will buy flats that are on the market and pass them into your ownership,” said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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2 We

On a working trip to the Tambov Region, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the 22nd Conference of the Russian Association of Farm Holdings and Agricultural Cooperatives

“In any situation and under any economic circumstances the government will do its best to create appropriate conditions for your productive labour and will be supporting you,” the prime minister said addressing Russian agricultural producers.

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1 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the Government Presidium

“We must seize every opportunity to reinforce positive demographic trends and support families with children. Every aspect of this work is important, including the creation of new jobs, a flexible tax policy and the development of healthcare and education.”

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