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28 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress

The governor reported to the prime minister that the Tomsk Region had a budget surplus last year and planned to increase oil and gas production in 2011. Education and healthcare in the West Siberian region were among the issues discussed at the meeting.

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27 Th

Vladimir Putin meets with citizens at the United Russia office in Orenburg

A wide range of issues were discussed, including maternity benefits, reconstruction of Sergei Aksakov’s Estate Museum, giving schools the status of autonomous institutions and agricultural subsidies.

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26 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin speaks to the press following a meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme

“Any healthy society with prospects for the future and strong roots in history – such as the multiethnic Russian society – will rally together when it is threatened and so strike back at thugs, terrorists and extremists. I am convinced this is what we will see in Russia.”

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25 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs Government Presidium meeting

“It is the government’s duty to provide support to the injured and the families of those killed in the blast. I have already signed the corresponding resolution. The governments of Moscow and the Moscow Region will also allocate funds for social needs from the regional budgets.”

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24 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discusses assistance to Domodevovo International Airport victims with Minister of Healthcare and Social Development Tatyana Golikova

Mr Putin issued instructions to draft a government decision on assistance to victims’ families, and instructed Ms Golikova and her deputies to visit hospitals to gain firsthand information about the treatment of people injured in the terrorist attack.

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23 Su

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with FIFA president Joseph Blatter in the Leningrad Region

During the conversation, Mr Putin and Mr Blatter discussed issues related to preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. “We are counting on your expert support,” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Mr Blatter.

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21 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the government commission on the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District

“Our objective is to radically change the situation in the North Caucasus, primarily by improving the quality of life of the people, ensuring their security and giving them the opportunity to work and live in peace. We must eradicate the roots of terrorism and extremism, first of all poverty, unemployment, ignorance and inadequate levels of education, and corruption and lawlessness. We must create a modern social infrastructure in the North Caucasus.”

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20 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a government meeting

“In order to ensure stable development and increase Russia’s competitiveness in the post-recessionary world, we need to develop a comprehensive action plan and select several projects to focus on over the long term. I’d like to underscore that we have every opportunity to make our economy steady and stable, and must take advantage of our competitive edge.”

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19 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a working meeting with Orel Region Governor Alexander Kozlov

During the meeting, the prime minister praised the high growth in industrial production in the Orel Region while criticising the steep decline in housing construction. According to the governor, the region plans to return to previous construction levels by 2012. Mr Kozlov added that the Orel Region is a primarily agricultural region, and informed the prime minister that a significant increase is expected in milk production.

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18 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with leaders of the United Russia party

“People should pay for real services, and they must be quality services. The government did not wait for the year to begin before it imposed a 15% ceiling on any hypothetical rises in rents and fees. As things stand, these fees might grow even less – by 13-14% – according to available federal and regional economic indices,” the prime minister said during the meeting.

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17 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on Russia’s sport and fitness strategy through 2020 in Novogorsk, outside Moscow

“The programme is intended to promote the value of a healthy and active life in the community, to support the development of sport and, naturally, of athletic achievement, and to attract more people of different ages, backgrounds and income levels to athletics, including those with limited physical abilities."

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14 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with top managers of BP

The meeting participants discussed the prospects of cooperation between BP and Rosneft on sea shelf projects based in Russia and third countries. Mr Putin said the Russian government will support this team effort, which promises to acquire a great scope and have a significant impact on the global oil and gas industry.

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13 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

The governors of the Moscow, Tver, Nizhni Novgorod and Smolensk regions reported at a meeting of the government presidium on the relief operation during the abnormal heat and wildfires last summer. Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and General Director of the IDGC Holding Nikolai Shvets put forward their proposals for improving the power grids’ efficiency. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke about progress in the restructuring of Russian Railways and proposed extending the reform to 2015.

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12 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin addresses the 7th Congress of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR)

“On the whole, I believe we chose the right strategy during the recession and the post-crisis period. We have supported the national economy and continued a vigorous social development policy. According to estimates, Russia’s GDP increased 3.8% in 2010 while industrial output grew 8.3%. Importantly, these encouraging trends have improved public sentiment.”

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11 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Organising Committee to Prepare and Hold the 2011 Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's Space Flight at the Mission Control Center

“A major celebration of the first manned spaceflight’s anniversary is an opportunity to express our deep respect for industry’s veterans – the people whose hard work and scientific and engineering expertise have allowed Russia to become a great space power. They laid the foundations for those traditions, which today allow us to be among the leaders in the global space industry”.

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4 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a working meeting with Transport Minister Igor Levitin

Igor Levitin reported back to the prime minister on progress made in the rescue of fishing vessels that are ice-bound in the Sea of Okhotsk. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also spoke with the captains of the Admiral Makarov icebreaker and the Sodruzhestvo fish processing vessel over the phone, who described the current situation.

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1 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Minister of Transport Igor Levitin

The discussion focused on vessels trapped in ice in the Sea of Okhotsk. The minister of transport also reported to the prime minister on response efforts following the emergency in Moscow airports and on measures taken to avoid similar situations in the future. Vladimir Putin instructed Mr Levitin to closely monitor the situation in airports and report back on January 2 on efforts to rescue the fishers.

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