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30 Mo

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev holds a meeting of the Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment

“Our task is to prevent any damage to our national interests, on the one hand, and to minimise administrative barriers and expand the range of industries with good investment prospects.”

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26 Th

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev meets with President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang

“Russia and Vietnam are very close friends and strategic partners. We have advanced our cooperation in various spheres in recent years.”

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24 Tu

Dmitry Medvedev meets with heads of Business Initiative working groups

“The most important thing is that business people, irrespective of the size of their business, see improvements every day.”

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23 Mo

Dmitry Medvedev holds a meeting in Kolomna on the implementation of the federal targeted programme for the development of the defence sector in 2011-2020

“The Iskander-M is clearly among the most effective weapons in its class, and we consider it to be much better than its foreign analogues.”

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20 Fr

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev holds a working meeting with President of the National Medical Chamber Leonid Roshal

The main topic of conversation was the role of the medical community and other self-regulated professional communities. The prime minister emphasised that they can only be effective when they “have the right to put things in order” their respective spheres.

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19 Th

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev chairs a government meeting

“Every permanent resident of the inundated communities must receive 160,000 roubles, including 100,000 from the federal budget and 60,000 from the territorial budget, regardless of the extent of property losses incurred…”

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18 We

Dmitry Medvedev and Mikhail Myasnikovich hold a joint news conference

“Today, Russian-Belarusian cooperation in all areas is very meaningful, open and effective,” the Russian prime minister said.

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17 Tu

Dmitry Medvedev conducts a meeting on drafting the federal budget for 2013 and the planned period of 2014-2015 on social policy, labour relations, culture and sport

“We will continue giving priority to consistent salary increases for teachers at schools and kindergartens, doctors, scientists, and, naturally, librarians and museum workers – in general for all social and cultural workers."

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16 Mo

Dmitry Medvedev holds a meeting with his deputies

The prime minister said that any decisions on infrastructure modernisation in Krymsk should be made only after a thorough analysis of the recent tragedy.

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13 Fr

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev chairs government meeting

“The government must closely monitor the relief and reconstruction efforts,” the Prime Minister said about the disaster in the Krasnodar Territory. He said that humanitarian aid must be delivered on schedule and reach its intended recipients. “Compassion is something that needs our attention,” Dmitry Medvedev said.

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11 We

Dmitry Medvedev chairs a meeting of Vnesheconombank’s Supervisory Board

“The bank will invest about 2 trillion roubles, almost 2.5% of GDP, in the Russian economy until the end of 2015.”

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10 Tu

Dmitry Medvedev chairs a meeting on measures to rebuild homes damaged by torrential rains in the Krasnodar Territory

“The government has no right to ignore any appeal; all appeals must be examined and decided upon. Clean-up operations must begin as soon as possible.”

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9 Mo

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev meets with his deputies to discuss issues related to the tragic events in the Krasnodar Territory and Ukraine

“Bereaved families will each be issued 1 million roubles from the federal budget and 1 million roubles from the budgets of both the Krasnodar Territory and the Pskov Region,” Dmitry Medvedev said. He added that “one-off payments will be provided to compensate for the loss of property.”

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6 Fr

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev holds a government meeting

Dmitry Medvedev states the need for the creation of the national budget website. Medvedev said: “Our people have the right to know how the state funds are spent, how the federal budget is formed and how the federal budget funds are spent.”

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5 Th

Dmitry Medvedev ends his working visit to the Far East with a news conference

Vladivostok and most of the facilities are ready for APEC Leaders’ Week – Prime Minister

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4 We

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev chairs a meeting “On improving the earthquake resistance of residential buildings, infrastructure facilities and vital support systems in the earthquake regions of the Russian Federation”

Dmitry Medvedev said he had decided to extend the programme to increase the quake resistance of residential buildings, infrastructure facilities and other systems in Russia’s quake-prone regions to 2018.

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