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30 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds working meeting with Head of Sberbank German Gref

The discussion focused on improving the services provided by Sberbank, including the introduction of new products and processes, and the provision of banking services in remote locations. The head of Sberbank said that “our goal is to become the top provider of banking services in Russia.” The prime minister noted that “Sberbank is a special institution. We have always supported it and will continue to do so in the future.”

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29 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“Current procedures and regulations at all stages – from registering land plots for construction and approving projects to connecting newly built residential buildings with utilities – have to be simplified as much as possible. I am speaking about the entire range of issues related to reducing and removing all administrative barriers during construction.”

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28 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting in Voronezh on preparations for spring field work

“Russian agriculture is showing very good numbers and prospects for further growth.”

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27 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev

Vladimir Putin and Kirill Dmitriev discussed the initial results of the recently established Russian Direct Investment Fund, which has already concluded a billion dollars worth of deals. According to its CEO this shows that foreign investors have trust in the Russian market.

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26 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the implementation and financing of federal targeted programmes

"We need to work out a comprehensive strategy for implementing the federal targeted programmes. We should increase the accountability of the individuals and agencies in charge of implementing the projects. We also need to review the selection criteria and the system of objectives and indicators for the federal targeted programmes."

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23 Fr

Vladimir Putin hosts a meeting in Kirishi, Leningrad Region on deliveries of natural gas to consumers on the domestic and foreign markets

“It is our duty to guarantee that the natural gas needs of Russian consumers – housing and utilities, industry, agriculture, and private consumers – are met. We must also strengthen and expand our presence in world markets. It is evident that the future of the gas complex depends on its technological modernisation, cost reduction, and greater production and financial efficiency.”

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22 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds government meeting

“On the backdrop of rather complicated global economic and financial processes, Russia confidently started 2012. The first two months of the year saw positive dynamics in practically all of the key areas and indicators.”

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20 Tu

Vladimir Putin meets with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin said it is “absolutely necessary” to follow the path of economic integration in light of the objective needs of the economies of both nations. The Kyrgyz president stressed that “Russia is our strategic partner.”

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19 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds working meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov

Vladimir Putin and Viktor Zubkov discussed the state of the grain market and grain export opportunities. The First Deputy Prime Minister believes that the current market situation remains stable, and that Russia should not impose any grain export restrictions this year. Mr Putin instructed Mr Zubkov to prepare a meeting to assess preparations for the spring sowing season.

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17 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Federal Taxation Service head Mikhail Mishustin

Mr Putin and Mr Mishustin discussed FTS operating results for the first months of 2012, which Mr Putin deemed to be “decent.” In addition, Mr Mishustin reported on the implementation of the prime minister's directive to write off the public's personal tax liabilities, spoke about the expansion of online services, and also mentioned VAT refunds.

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16 Fr

Vladimir Putin attends an extended meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development

“We have chosen an active policy of social development as a priority and never retreated from this principle even during the most difficult periods in our recent history.”

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15 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

Vladimir Putin has signed a government resolution decreeing a four-day holiday, from May 6 to 9.

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14 We

Vladimir Putin meets with Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko

The meeting focused on two issues: the Energy Ministry’s preparations for spring flooding in Siberia and European Russia and problems with energy supplies, particularly in the Krasnodar Territory.

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13 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a working meeting with Minister of Communications and Mass Media Igor Schyogolev and Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko

Mr Putin, Mr Schyogolev and Mr Fursenko summarised the results of the system to facilitate public monitoring of the presidential election. They also discussed its possible future use, primarily for educational purposes.

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12 Mo

Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina

The meeting focused on investment activity, specifically foreign investment. According to the minister, the 2011 statistical indices “are not bad at all,” with investment in fixed assets increasing 8.3%. Aside from that, the participants discussed Russia’s accession to the WTO and the new opportunities – as well as the apprehensions felt in a number of industries.

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11 Su

Vladimir Putin meets with Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeyev

They focused on Russian museums. The prime minister instructed the culture minister to prepare a meeting on the issue within 10-14 days, acting in compliance with the requests from museum employees made during his numerous meetings with culture professionals. They also considered the renovation of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre and the construction of the Mariinsky Theatre Second Stage.

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8 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin thanks all Russians who took part in the presidential election

President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting in Sochi where they discussed the final results of the presidential election and forming the fnew government.

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7 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wishes Russian women a happy upcoming holiday and takes questions from female members of the government press pool

“Thank God we have been able to move past internal political hassles and squabbles. I expect that we will be able to start implementing the plans that we have discussed so extensively over the past weeks and months, with a good working rhythm. Congratulations and best wishes!”

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5 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with those who supported him most actively during the presidential election campaign

“I think what matters the most is that this obvious struggle has led to the consolidation of our society.”

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2 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin

The participants of the meeting discussed ways of using the 16.5 billion roubles saved by the Ministry of Regional Development. Vladimir Putin suggested spending half of the amount on providing housing to Chernobyl survivors. The remaining amount, according to the prime minister, should go partly towards assisting internally displaced persons and partly towards young scientists.

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1 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a Government Presidium meeting

The Russian government will allocate 350 million roubles for the relocation of the residents of a building in Astrakhan that collapsed following a gas explosion, and 36 million roubles to pay compensation to the victims, Vladimir Putin said.

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