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29 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Penza Region Governor Vasily Bochkaryov

The topic of the meeting was the region's economic performance in the first quarter, primarily in agriculture. Special attention was paid to social issues, in particular to the regional healthcare modernisation programme. Vladimir Putin also emphasised the need to raise teachers' salaries to the level of the average salary for the region.

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28 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

“Last year, we ranked first worldwide in oil production… We cannot allow our own people to experience shortages of oil or oil products in any part of the country.”

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27 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes part in the opening ceremony of the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow

“We will do all we can for the competitions to be held at the highest level and for figure skaters, judges and journalists to feel comfortable here.”

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25 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on developing the building materials industry

“We hope that the building materials industry and the construction sector as a whole will promote the growth and modernisation of Russia’s entire economy.”

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23 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with LUKoil President Vagit Alekperov

The meeting focused on LUKoil’s major projects in Russia and abroad, primarily in Iraq, as well as on taxation issues. Vagit Alekperov told Vladimir Putin about LUKoil’s plans for cooperation with Rosneft, noting that it is the first time in history that two Russian oil companies are creating a consortium.

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22 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Vnesheconombank Supervisory Board

In his opening remarks, the prime minister focused on two new state-run agencies, the Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency, which will help Russian exporters enter new markets, and the Direct Investment Fund, established to attract foreign capital to Russia.

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21 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with leaders of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

"Together, we should address our common goals of development and qualitative changes in the structure of the Russian economy. We keep talking about modernisation, which is a perfectly good objective, but modernisation should lead to structural changes in the economy and ensure sustainable growth."

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20 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin delivers a report on the government’s performance in 2010 in the State Duma

“We are to find the kind of solutions that will give Russia the opportunity to go forward confidently and build a strong innovative economy, and each year of this development must bring real and palpable improvement in the life of people, for the absolute majority of Russian families. This is the thrust of our policy.”

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19 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak discuss preparations for the Sochi 2014 Olympics

The two officials focused on events to mark the final 1000 days before the Olympic Games, on test competitions scheduled for next year and the volunteer movement. According to Mr Kozak, preparations for the Sochi Olympics are about 70% finished. Mr Putin pointed out the need to ensure high construction quality, emphasising that the Olympic venues will be used by people in decades after the Games.

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18 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions Mikhail Shmakov

During the meeting, the prime minister and the trade union leader discussed a number of social welfare issues, including higher wages for the employees of government-financed organisations and contributions to social funds. The officials paid particular attention to the activity of the Russian Trilateral Commission on the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations. The prime minister assured Mr. Shmakov that social welfare issues would necessarily be dealt with in dialogue with the trade unions.

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16 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends Golden Puck Youth Hockey final match

“The Russian government, as well as regional leaders, will make every effort to expand the opportunities for sports,” the prime minister said addressing the young athletes.

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14 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“The reforms have propelled the coal industry’s structure to a whole new level, and now its core is built around modern and quite prosperous enterprises that implement long-term development projects. In 2010, 56 billion roubles was invested in fixed capital, up 30% from the previous year.”

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13 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes part in the All-Russian Forum of Medical Workers

“The availability of high-quality health services, the working conditions of doctors and nurses, and their commitment to doing their duty to patients – all of that is crucial for the lives of individuals, for their families and for the future of the country as a whole. The cost of the reform we are planning is high, but even higher than that is the value of the hopes and expectations of millions of Russians. It is our goal to meet their expectations and not to lose their trust.”

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12 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

“This is indeed a significant day. Our countries share this holiday, and I’d like to repeat that Ukrainian specialists did a lot to advance space exploration and the aerospace industry in the Soviet Union. But of course I agree with you that we must look to the future. We have great prospects,” the Russian prime minister said at the meeting with the Ukrainian president.

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11 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a video conference on the performance of the Pension Fund in 2010

“Russia is the world’s only country to have carried out a large-scale modernisation of its pension system and raised pensions and other benefits during the economic crisis. As a result, pensions for retirees grew, on average, by nearly 45% last year alone.”

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9 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited a Mother and Child clinic and held a video conference with similar medical centres in Irkutsk, Ufa and Moscow, during a working visit to St. Petersburg

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited a maternity ward and laboratories with modern diagnostic equipment and operating rooms, where among other things, in vitro fertilisation procedures are performed. After inspecting the St. Petersburg hospital, Mr Putin spoke via video link with specialists at the Mother-and-Child centres in Irkutsk, Moscow and Ufa.

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8 Fr

In St Petersburg, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on the development of power engineering in Russia

“Large-scale and truly ambitious goals have been set for Russian power producers. They are expected to commission power generating facilities with a total capacity of more than 170 GW by 2030. I would like to underscore that facilities with a capacity of 6.5 GW, the largest figure over the past decade, are expected to be inaugurated in 2011 alone.”

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7 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the development prospects of the Russian space industry

Vladimir Putin reported that the government decided to establish ten annual Yury Gagarin Prizes, each worth 1 million roubles, for specialists who make significant contributions to the development of the Russian space industry.

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6 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on preparations for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia

“This month-long football marathon leaves a significant cultural and material heritage which will be used by the country and the people in decades to come. I’m referring to the aggressive development of the sport, transport and hotel infrastructure, the creation of new production facilities and jobs, new international and personal ties.”

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5 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Novgorod Region Governor Sergei Mitin

Putin and Mitin paid special attention to agricultural issues and housing construction. The prime minister also told the governor that the regional healthcare modernisation programme should be completed as soon as possible or the region would not receive money.

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4 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the leadership of the United Russia party

During the talk, which was focused on education, Mr Putin considered the issue of teachers' salaries, announcing that he had ordered the development of a programme to address this and other vital issues facing the national education system.

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2 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Sergei Mironov, chairman of the Federation Council and leader of the A Just Russia party, and Nikolai Levichev, the head of party faction in the Duma

This is the prime minister's second meeting with the leaders of parties represented in the Duma, in anticipation of his speech there and the reports from the government. The conversation this time was about food prices and the situation in the agricultural sector, problems of corruption, disparities in wages and in regional development, as well as the modernisation of education.

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