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29 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“Generally, I must note that this is the first sizable increase in military salaries and pensions in contemporary Russia. Moreover, salaries will be adjusted for inflation. You know that one of our priorities is ensuring a decent quality of life for Russian citizens, and this includes military personnel and their families. The necessary funds for the increase in military salaries and pensions are planned for in the federal budget.”

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28 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment

The Prime Minister said at the meeting that direct foreign investment in the Russian economy has grown noticeably over the past 10 months compared to last year, reaching $36 billion.

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27 Su

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes part in the Conference of the United Russia Party

“It is obvious that what the Russian citizens want above all is justice in the broadest sense of that word. The country must develop for the people and not at the expense of the people. Every decision we make and every step we take must meet the interests of the absolute majority of our country’s citizens. The fundamental principle of any transformations and reforms is to take care of the people, which means preserving and fostering Russia’s future, creating Russia’s future.”

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26 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russian Railways CEO and chairman of St Andrew the First-Called Foundation’s board of trustees Vladimir Yakunin meet with Vatopedi Monastery Archimandrite Ephraim and Monk Nektarios

Vladimir Putin thanked Father Ephraim and Mount Athos Holy Community for their decision to bring the Cincture of the Virgin Mary, one of the most treasured Orthodox relics, to Russia. This “shows the spiritual affinity between our nations and will strengthen it,” the prime minister said.

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25 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes part in a ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Olympic Committee

“We are proud that Russia has been part of the Olympic movement practically from the very beginning. We share and support the philosophy of the Olympic movement, the fundamental values and ideas set forth by baron de Coubertin. Talent and hard work, the spirit of friendship and solidarity, fair competition and the champion’s grace and nobility – these are values common to each nation, qualities that unite all humanity.”

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24 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with the leaders of the United Russia parliamentary party in the State Duma

“The government agencies and the United Russia parliamentary party in the State Duma certainly wanted the best for the people. I don’t think that they have achieved the best results in all of their undertakings, but their efforts can be assessed on the whole as satisfactory.”

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23 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief Sergei Shoigu

The two officials discussed expanding the Emergencies Ministry’s operations in East Siberia and the Far East to “promptly respond to any emergency”, as the prime minister said. He has also asked Shoigu to formulate proposals on the development of East Siberia as a government member and an individual who was born there and knows the region well.

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22 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

“It looks like we will have a surplus budget,” the prime minister said at the meeting. The minister of economic development and acting minister of finance confirmed that they expect a surplus budget this year.

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21 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the international conference, Thinking of Taxes in a New Way

"The government’s policy is to consistently increase our treasury revenues, not only by increasing the overall tax burden on people and economic players, but also by improving the quality of tax administration, encouraging economic development and ensuring the necessary rate of economic growth, thereby expanding the tax base."

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19 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Prime Minister of the Republic of Khakassia Viktor Zimin

Mr Putin and Mr Zimin focused on socio-economic issues, such as increasing the wages of teachers and healthcare professionals to match the republic’s average. The head of the republic said that this will be accomplished inDecember 2011.

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18 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart, Francois Fillon, hold joint news conference

“I’m convinced that today’s talks, the constructive discussion at the commission meeting and the adopted decisions will create new opportunities for further advancing the Russia-France dialogue,” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

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17 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Alexander Maslyakov, director of the television show KVN

The meeting focused on a discussion of City Hall’s proposal to provide the KVN comedy club with a 7,000 sq m residence. In addition, the prime minister noted that City Hall was willing to offer it financial support in the form of subsidies to cover maintenance and events.

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16 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with representatives of the German business community

“Even in the period of global turbulence we are preserving the economic growth, stability of major macro economic indicators and serious financial reserves. In the January-September 2011 our GDP increased by 4.2%. By the start of next year we are planning to fully overcome the crisis decline in the economy. In fact, we have already overcome it.”

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15 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the plenary session of the National Forum of Rural Intelligentsia

“We’ll be able to breathe new life into the Russian countryside, making our rural communities powerful and prosperous, only if we ensure high social standards.”

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14 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on state defence-industry contracts

“Some 750 billion roubles has been allocated this year for the purchase and upgrading of arms and military hardware, as well as for defence-related R&D. This is one and a half times as much as last year. In 2012, we are planning to increase this amount to 880 billion roubles. Never before has the rearmament of Russia’s Army and Navy been financed so liberally.”

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12 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the Sberbank International Financial Conference, marking the bank's 170th anniversary

“Millions of Russians see Sberbank as a symbol of reliability and stability, and there are, of course, good reasons for this trust, first among them being how consistently customer-orientated the bank is.”

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11 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with members of the Valdai International Discussion Club

“We run for elections and call our country’s citizens to make their verdict on how we worked previously and what they think about the programme for the nation’s future development – and the programme envisages the economy modernised to an extent, and growth guaranteed on a new basis, and new high-tech jobs.”

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10 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“As we have said more than once, the regional authorities must always keep watch over utility rates in order to prevent anyone from getting their hands into customers’ pockets.”

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9 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with employees of the Lomonosov Public Foundation

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised residents of the Arkhangelsk Region to help with the renovation of two cathedrals located in Kholmogory and the village of Lomonosovo, and with the construction of a Lomonosov memorial complex.

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7 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin takes part in an expanded meeting of the SCO heads of government

“With our combined efforts we will be able to bring the work of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to a whole new level and achieve the ambitious goal of transforming our organisation into a foundational structure of the global economic and political architecture, an effective platform for cooperation between regional associations and an avenue for expanding dialogue with neighbouring countries.”

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5 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Nenets Autonomous Area Governor Igor Fyodorov

The governor reported to the prime minister on several indicators such as GRP per capita and budget. The area is one of the top economic regions in the country. Housing construction is developing quite well. Other issues discussed at the meeting are social programmes for healthcare, school and preschool education.

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4 Fr

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin visit the Gorky Automobile Plant in Nizhny Novgorod

“We have everything that we need in order to live a decent life and make our children happy – on the basis of unity. This is an indispensable foundation for the development of our state,” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at GAZ.

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3 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

“The Government will continue largely to adhere to the limitation of the growth rate of inflation. The burden of developing the industry cannot be passed on to the consumer. We must consider the interests of the entire economy. And this means that the emphasis should be placed on market-based instruments for financing investments...”

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1 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Novgorod Region Governor Sergei Mitin

The governor said his region had been posting good growth figures recently, both in industry and agriculture. He noted that substantial progress has been achieved in implementing the healthcare modernisation programme, and added that teacher pay has also increased in the region above the all-sector average.

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