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28 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Rustem Khamitov, head of Bashkortostan

Putin pointed to the republic’s good economic performance. Khamitov said they would continue the consistent progress and that the necessary conditions for it exist.

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27 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin conducts a videoconference on tackling the collapse of an entrance to an apartment block in Astrakhan

The prime minister instructed the government to begin resettling residents from the part of the building destroyed by the gas explosion at once and to pay them compensation for any lost property.

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22 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a Government Presidium meeting

“State defence contracts must be fulfilled accurately, transparently and must conform to the planned funding volumes. The heads of companies, ministries and departments must assume personal responsibility for this. Any signs of corruption in the sphere of national security and defence are absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped.”

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21 Tu

Vladimir Putin meets with Altai Territory’s business leaders in Barnaul

The prime minister wanted to find out how the economy in the Altai Territory was faring, about the problems faced by the managers of its major enterprises, and how the laws put in place by the government and the State Duma were working.

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20 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs meeting in Komsomolsk-on-Amur on government policy on the defence industry’s development to 2020 and beyond

“Not only the defence industry, but the entire Russian economy should be engaged in retrofitting the Army and Navy. Significant resources allocated to state defence programmes should promote qualitative economic growth in our country, stimulate demand for innovations and create tens of thousands of new and modern jobs.”

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18 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on earthquake relief in Siberian regions as part of his working trip to Abakan, Khakassia

In particular, the prime minister said that almost 400 million roubles will be allocated to the Republic of Tuva as the region most badly damaged by last year’s earthquakes. Vladimir Putin also instructed the Emergencies Ministry and the Russian Academy of Sciences to submit proposals on the establishment of a Centre for the Forecast, Monitoring and Response to Emergencies on the Altai-Sayan Plateau.

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17 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting in Novosibirsk on using information technology to improve the effectiveness of government administration

“Broad introduction of information technology will make interactions between the authorities and people simpler and more transparent and spare people the need to visit all kinds of offices. And, finally, I’d like to emphasise that this is a real and very effective anti-corruption measure.”

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16 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a government meeting

“Of course, we must achieve a sound balance between the challenges of economic development and the requirements of environmental protection. The document we are going to discuss and adopt today is aimed at properly regulating this sphere, with due account of modern requirements.”

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15 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a videoconference in Naberezhnye Chelny on the implementation of demographic policy and regional programmes to modernise healthcare

"Multi-child families should be the most valued, and families with two or three children are the preferred social norm. We have to end the situation where the birth of a child causes a family financial difficulties or pushes them to the edge of poverty".

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14 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with rectors of Russian universities

“We must create an environment in which gifted young people from low-income families are able to reach their potential for their own benefit and for the benefit of the nation. If a new student has good potential and skills, but cannot afford to buy bread or butter or meat – excuse me, but that student will not be able to perform well in his studies. He will have to find a way to earn some money, and that will interfere with the learning process.”

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13 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Secondary School No. 7 and meets with the school council during his working trip to Kurgan

“Provision of housing, the level of salaries, and the modernisation of the system itself and its material-and-technical foundations are designed to raise the prestige of teachers.”

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10 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a conference call with the authorities of the Chelyabinsk Region and Udmurtia

The conference participants discussed the relocation of people from dilapidated housing at the Korkinsky open pit mine in the Chelyabinsk Region. Putin said that the government had allocated 2 billion roubles for the emergency relocation. He also criticised the government of Udmurtia for failing to promptly repair housing and other facilities in the republic damaged during the explosions at a nearby military depot last year.

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9 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a Government Presidium meeting

“Negative developments, which, doubtless, exist everywhere, including the internet, should not be used as a pretext for curbing online freedom. To prevent this from happening and to enable society to shield itself from these negative developments, all actions in this effort should be transparent. They should be undertaken and worked out together with the online community.”

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6 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with political scientists

“We have been quite efficient until now, and this allows me to say that we will continue being just as efficient as in previous years."

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4 Sa

Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on problems facing residents of Roza and Korkino in the Chelyabinsk Region

“There are obvious problems here: there are hazardous living conditions in the area. But should people live in these conditions? There are cracks in the walls that open up onto the street…”

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3 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the supervisory board of the Strategic Initiatives Agency

“A great deal will depend on how our agencies, their chief executives and other top and middle-level managers carry out our instructions. (…) In this regard I would like to say that we also intend to introduce special mechanisms for evaluating the work of government institutions.”

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2 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the Russia 2012 investment forum

“All reforms should be based on people and their inner desire to improve our country. This was the case in the 2000s when we brought Russia together, and I’m sure this will happen again today at this whole new level of our development. I’m confident that the energy of a civil society, primarily of its creative class, will become the main driving force behind Russia’s future prosperity.”

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1 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits St Daniel Monastery to congratulate Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia on the third anniversary of his enthronement

Vladimir Putin thanked Patriarch Kirill for his enormous contribution to strengthening the spiritual foundation of Russian society and relations with other churches, which the prime minister called one of the “major elements” of Russia’s foreign policy, particularly in post-Soviet republics.

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