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29 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a healthcare conference

Speaking about the draft law On the Fundamentals of Public Healthcare, Putin said that it is designed to regulate basic issues pertaining to the system of healthcare in Russia.

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28 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“We are actively creating a base for the broad introduction of e-government mechanisms and the transition of all government institutions to the use of electronic documentation. The use of modern information technology makes it possible to considerably expedite and simplify administrative procedures and eliminate unnecessary budget expenditures. Most importantly, contacts with government agencies should become more convenient and accessible and less exhausting and distressful for our citizens.”

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27 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on budget policy and basic budget indices for 2012-2014

“I want to reiterate that the state will certainly fulfil all its social pledges – with regard to pensioning, support of veterans, and plans concerning healthcare, demographic development, education and employment. It is a critical part of our work.”

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24 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Minister of Communications and Mass Media Igor Shchegolev

The two officials discussed providing telephone services in rural areas, modernising national communications systems and technology, and cooperation with foreign – especially European – partners in regulating mobile roaming tariffs. Vladimir Putin emphasised that constant attention should be given to this issue, so that “Russians will not find themselves at a disadvantage compared with residents of other countries using modern communications services.”

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23 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the fifth annual conference of the Russian Agrarian Movement

"In Russia, the national agrarian policy has always been about more than economics. It has at all times carried social implications and in many ways determined the potential for the country’s development in general."

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22 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a Government Presidium meeting

“It is our duty to cherish and defend the truth about the war, the priceless experience of allied partnership and genuine heroes, whom time cannot conquer. This is important for all of us, this is essential for the education and moral upbringing of future generations. Support for veterans, the widows of the homeland’s defenders, as well as everyone affected by the war must always be a priority in our work.”

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21 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with core members of Russian-French Dialogue public association in Paris

“France has always been Russia’s key strategic partner in the full meaning of the word.”

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20 Mo

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on federal budget spending in the period 2012-2014 on federal targeted programmes and items outside these programmes

“Government resources should continue to be focused on breakthrough areas that provide a multiplication effect. They should facilitate systemic, qualitative changes and create a foundation for the continued development of the country’s economy.”

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18 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Kaluga Region Governor Anataoly Artamonov

The meeting focused on the region's socio-economic development. In particular, Mr Artamonov reported on the status of agriculture, housing, and education, as well as the progress of regional social programmes. Vladimir Putin, in turn, asked the governor to raise teachers' salaries in 2011 to match the regional average.

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17 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Minister of Healthcare and Social Development Tatyana Golikova

The meeting focused on the healthcare modernisation programme. Tatyana Golikova reported that the total funding for the programme stands at over 618 billion roubles. Vladimir Putin requested that the implementation of the programmes be thoroughly controlled. “We must be sure that the funding comes from the regional budgets, too, in the required amount and in a timely manner,” the prime minister stressed.

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16 Th

Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the Popular Front’s Coordinating Council

“The front’s tasks are not limited to taking part in the elections to the State Duma <…>. We must look towards the future and draft a long-term development strategy. <…> I am convinced that we will be able to carry out our ambitious plans to modernise the economy and the social sphere only if we operate with broad public support and work for the people and in their interests.<…> Rather than promising changes for the distant future, we must work step by step to improve living standards today.”

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14 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of the Government Presidium

During the course of the meeting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin laid particular emphasis on the implementation of programmes to boost employment in Russia. “Job creation programmes have so far involved about 4.5 million people. Thanks to government support many people have kept their jobs, got new jobs, upgraded their skills and some have even started their own businesses,” the Prime Minister said. Other issues discussed included how to extend government support for agricultural producers to horticultural enterprises and organising summer vacations at the Orlyonok children’s centre.

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11 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Yakunin

Vladimir Putin announced at the meeting that he signed an executive order appointing Vladimir Yakunin to a new four-year term. The meeting focused on plans for the development of railways in Russia, including high-speed rail. Mr Yakunin also outlined plans for the development of the Northern Railway to Murmansk and a passenger rail ring around Moscow, which will partly solve Moscow's traffic problem.

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10 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Head of the Republic of Mordovia Nikolai Merkushkin

At the meeting, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Head of the Republic of Mordovia Nikolai Merkushkin discussed the socio-economic development of the region. Mr Merkushkin reported on the situation in housing construction, education, and health services, while the prime minister congratulated him upon the opening of a perinatal centre that he described as a breakthrough in Mordovian healthcare.

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9 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of the government presidium

At the meeting, Vladimir Putin gave special attention to the work of the Strategic Initiatives Agency. Recalling that one of the agency’s core tasks is to remove bureaucratic barriers, the prime minister proposed to introduce administrative liability for federal officials who violate the standards and procedures of the provision of public services, and later to extend such liability to regional and local authorities.

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8 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with members of the presidium of the Transport Workers Union

“The transport industry is a major national area of activity because the transport industry, similar to the energy industry, has a direct effect on the viability and vitality of the state.”

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7 Tu

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov hold joint news conference following a meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation Committee

“Today we have made an important step toward expanding our bilateral partnership: we signed the ambitious Russian-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation Programme for 2011-2020. We intend to base it on the most promising areas of cooperation. The implementation of these plans will not only strengthen long-standing trade and economic ties but also create new science-intensive high-tech industries,” said the Russian prime minister.

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4 Sa

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Osipov

Mr Putin and Mr Osipov discussed issues related to the development of Akademgorodok and other major research centres. The prime minister called attention to the importance of these centres implementing their scientific inventions, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Mr Putin and Mr Osipov also touched on the RAS's international cooperation in the field of astronomy.

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3 Fr

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin addresses the VI International Railway Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520” in Sochi

"What is being implemented here, in Sochi, could well be Russia's largest infrastructure project. We are building roads, bridges, tunnels, and of course, extending the railway.”

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2 Th

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Abkhazian Vice President Alexander Ankvab

The Russian prime minister said at the meeting: “Russia as a close ally and loyal friend will stand with the Abkhazian people.”

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1 We

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends the opening of the Federal Research and Clinical Centre for Children’s Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

”I may say without any exaggeration that I was truly amazed and delighted at the spirit of generosity with which specialists from different countries, in particular Germany, put their hearts and souls into this project. It was simply remarkable. It reveals professional solidarity that deserves the greatest attention and emulation in other fields, including politics."

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