4 july 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev tours a new housing development during his working visit to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


During the tour, Mayor Vladimir Semchev told the prime minister that 17 custom-designed blocks of flats have been built in the district, as well as playgrounds and modern athletic fields. The prime minister said that this part of the city looks best from the helicopter.

The Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East Viktor Ishayev, who was accompanying the prime minister on the tour, said: "Why haven't they built it earlier?" To which Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev responded: "They had the money, but the past leadership in the territory and the city didn't address this issue."

Then Mr Medvedev approached a group of residents who expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of construction.

"The blocks of flats do look beautiful, but there are many defects," one of the residents said.

"That happens a lot," the prime minister said. "What's most important is that there is a way to fix them. I am interested in your opinion about the quality of work."

The residents complained that ceilings were caving in, the linoleum was laid badly and the glass in balconies and loggias was shattered by wind, while builders were reluctant to correct their mistakes.

"I will issue an instruction, and they will come back and fix it," the prime minister said.