25 december 2009

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the Olympic Park in the Imereti Valley


Teimuraz Bolloyev, head of the Olympstroy Corporation showed Prime Minister Putin the model of the Olympic Park and reported on what has already been done, what is being done today and what lies ahead.

Mr Bolloyev also showed Mr Putin the plan for the coastal cluster and the territory of the Imereti Valley during the Olympic Games.

Mr Bolloyev said that having reviewed the technological solutions for the construction of the Olympic facilities, his company is now able to reduce the number of areas from which people will have to be relocated. He gave details of the area concerned: two buildings on a territory of 16 hectares each, two buildings on two plots of four hectares each and one building on an area of three hectares. "All in all, 119 families live there. We are trying to avoid their relocation," he said.

Mr Balloyev told Prime Minister Putin about the project for the main stadium in which the opening and closing ceremonies will be held. He emphasized that the stadium's projected outline was similar to that of the two mountains, which border the Imereti Valley.

Mr Bolloyev said that overall construction is ahead of schedule because his company employs qualified builders who work round the clock seven days per week.

Mr Putin also inspected the Grand Ice Arena for 12,000 visitors to host ice hockey competitions, which is being built by the Omsk-based Mostovik Company. It is expected to be commissioned in May 2012. Its architectural concept is based on the image of a frozen drop of water. The arena's bedplate has already been anchored. It will accommodate training and will house the main ice rinks. Prime Minister Putin heard that over 400 people are employed in its construction. They lay a thousand cubic metres of concrete per day. The next stage is the assembly of the vertical framework.