17 december 2008

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yevgeny Primakov

At the meeting, Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Primakov discussed the performance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry during this year.

Transcript of the start of the meeting: 

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr Primakov. How are you doing this year?

Yevgeny Primakov: Everything is going well, Mr Putin. Everything is normal.

I'd like to start with a request. As you know, all in all, we have 173 territorial chambers in Russia and their leaders are eager to see you in the first quarter of next year. They want to tell you about real life, without hiding anything, and give you information that will no doubt interest you.

Our chamber differs from other similar agencies in that it protects both the interests of business and those of entire society. We are not lobbying the interests of some particular business group but are pursuing your line. It is necessary to help business because business is part of society, indeed its most dynamic part. However, it should not conflict with other social groups. This is our view. I think you will find this interesting.

Vladimir Putin: When would you like me to visit, Mr Primakov?

Yevgeny Primakov: This depends upon your schedule.

Vladimir Putin: Very well, we'll definitely arrange something.