15 february 2013

Dmitry Medvedev toured an exhibition at the 10th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum


The organisers of the exhibition showed the Prime Minister Krasnoyarsk’s bid for the 2019 Winter Universiade. The presentation was also attended by Claude-Louis Gallien, President of The International University Sports Federation.

Dmitry Medvedev was shown a comprehensive investment project, the Angara-Yenisei Cluster.

Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lev Kuznetsov said that the project aims at a sequential exploration of the central part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory which has abundant natural resources, and the development of the mining, electric power, steel and logging industries. According to the Governor, an additional power supply system will be implemented by using the existing infrastructure of the Boguchanskaya Hydro Power Station, which will allow the local gold mining business to extract 13 more tonnes of gold per year.

The stand of the Tuvin Energy Corporation also attracted the Prime Minister’s attention. The company plans to build a 410 km railway from Elegest coal deposit to Kuragino via Kyzyl. In addition to that, the project also stipulates coal mining, construction of a thermal power station and the port of Vanino.

Mr Medvedev was also interested in projects dealing with decommissioning hazardous and extremely hazardous waste. The Ecoresurs company, among others, demonstrated a model of thermal decommissioning of pesticides, liquid and solid waste, hazardous biomedical waste, and cleaning of polluted soils. The unit is to be commissioned this March.

Yet another large-scale project presented to the Prime Minister is the construction of a new passenger terminal of the Krasnoyarsk airport, which will be competed in 2015. The terminal’s capacity is 2.3 million people. Its construction will cost 5.5 million roubles and will proceed on the basis of the state-private partnership.

Dmitry Medvedev was also told about social projects in medicine, healthcare and culture. In particular, a comprehensive programme for reconstructing historical sites has been developed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and includes sites of federal significance.