31 october 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits an exhibition of innovative products organised as part of the Open Innovations forum in Moscow

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev started his tour of the exposition by visiting the huge stand titled, "Moscow – an Area of Innovation." On a sprawling interactive Moscow map, Mr Medvedev studied the location of the city's innovative facilities.

Specifically, the Prime Minister was shown an unusual school ruler, a black circle of grown crystals that can be used in microchips, and artificial diamonds made ​​in Troitsk, which are used to produce Swiss watches.

He was also shown a special customs station for customs clearance of high-tech equipment, which opened in the Moscow technology park. Although the station presently operates in a semi-automatic mode, the processing time is still under 20 minutes.

At the GLONASS stand, Mr Medvedev studied a device that can be installed at public transport stops to help passengers track transport arrival times.

At the Skolkovo stand, RUSNANO head Anatoly Chubais showed the Prime Minister the latest medical developments, including a test that can detect problems with blood clotting and thrombus formations. Mr Medvedev was told that in the next few days the test will be introduced in the medical industry in Russia, and will also be available abroad as of March. A personal glucometer was among the other innovative medical products presented at the exhibition.