28 september 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev takes part in a meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of Government Council in Yalta

The meeting in the Livadia Palace began with restricted attendance and was later expanded to include more participants.

The heads of governments of the CIS countries approved all decisions submitted for discussion.

There were 22 issues on the agenda. The expansion of the free trade area in the CIS was the most important one. Uzbekistan has joined the free trade area.

In addition, the government heads approved the CIS strategy of cooperation to build and develop an information society, as well as an action plan until 2014 to implement the intergovernmental cooperation programme in the sphere of innovation.

The participants also adopted the concept for the Mir 24 news channel, which will be based on the Intergovernmental TV and Radio Company Mir.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included conferring the status of base organisations on the CIS International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre, the Finance University under the Russian Government and the National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine.

A separate decision covered the allocation of funds for the establishment and development of an integrated CIS air defence system in 2013.

After this, the leaders of EurAsEC member countries signed a number of cooperation agreements.

* * *

A group photo of the heads of CIS member states was taken before the meeting.

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