17 august 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev staying in Rostov-on-Don on a working visit examines farm equipment


Dmitry Medvedev spoke with Sergei Brindyuk, the sales manager of a company that manufactures farm machines with low pressure tyres that do not damage soil and plants.

The manager complained that it's impossible to avoid intermediaries in registering a patent abroad, so patenting costs grow by several times, up to $10,000. He asked the prime minister whether a united patenting centre could be established in Russia to help Russian companies abroad.

“That’s a good idea. Such a centre might be set up in Skolkovo,” Medvedev said to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, adding that Russian companies will have no chance of turning a profit from their inventions unless they obtain foreign patents.

When Brindyuk said that the new breakthrough tyres require a longer service life, which demands nano admixtures to rubber, the prime minister told Dvorkovich to put the company in contact with Anatoly Chubais. The deputy prime minister explained that the Rosnano CEO will participate in a conference on the launching of innovations in the economy to be held by Medvedev in Rostov-on-Don.