28 june 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev attends the opening of the photo exhibition 1461 Days of President Dmitry Medvedev at the Moscow House of Photography on Ostozhenka Street


The exhibition includes photographs taken by Dmitry Medvedev since one of his hobbies is photography.

A President Dmitry Medvedev Photo-Album was unveiled at the exhibition.

The exhibition opening was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, heads of leading media and the authors of the photos displayed at the exhibition.

Dmitry Medvedev's address at the opening of the photo exhibition:

Hello everybody! Naturally, I'd like to begin with thanking the Moscow House of Photography, Olga Sviblova (Olga Sviblova – the founder of the Moscow House of Photography and Director of the Multimedia Art Museum), who organised this event, and express hope that the Moscow government that has taken under its wing the Moscow House of Photography (or how it is dubbed in a newly fashioned way? They told me, I don't remember, I like the House of Photography, because I'd rather use simple phrases), that the government will not forget that there is such a very interesting museum because lots of people are fond of photography in this country, and there are always lots of visitors here, many people and many exhibitions.

You guess it is no mere chance that I happen to be here. Although it is not very convenient for me to dwell on this point, but we indeed wish to show you one product reflecting this country's development in recent years. The fact is that your obedient servant happened to be part of this common history when I worked as President of the Russian Federation. That work was interesting and extremely intensive. To tell you the truth, I've just arrived from the Government House, Mr Sobyanin knows that this work is also interesting, it is very complicated, there is no way to relax even for a minute. Every day you see heaps of paperwork, documents, but right now I'll say a few words about something that is slightly different.

In recent four years, this country has been changing – for the better for some people, others would say that they have seen many bad things and unfavourable changes. Life is made up of different colours. I have let it all pass through myself, and the photographers that are present here – perhaps some are absent – recorded the events in the life of this country and in the life across the globe by shooting beautiful photos.

Later, I leafed the album and realised that lots of things have happened, lots of very interesting things. Every photo is calling for a mass of emotions, at least, my emotions, especially when I look at the events in the life of this country – both happy and very tragic events in which I have taken part. When I see the faces of my associates, the faces of familiar people, as well as unfamiliar faces, when I see foreign leaders, I have different feelings too. They say, "Some are gone, and others are far away."

There are also very funny photos in the album, tentatively funny, of course, because they recorded a concrete historical moment, and there are very significant photos. I think that some foreign friends of mine will be surprised to see themselves in such company – hey, take a look if you have not seen it!

So I'd like to thank again those who participated in creating the album devoted to four years of life of this country and my activity, to thank them for their perfect work. I hope you will be able to see and assess all the rest yourselves. Thank you very much again.

I want to say two words to those who have helped to create this project. I want to thank RIA Novosti. Thank you very much for this work. Thank you, everybody!