4 march 2012

Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila vote in the Russian presidential elections


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin voted at polling station No. 2079 in the Russian Academy of Sciences on Kosygina Street.

Putin received two ballots, since apart from the presidential elections, this polling station is also conducting elections to the municipal assembly of the Gagarinskloye city district.

After filling out the ballots in the polling booth, Putin approached one of the electronic ballot boxes at the polling station and dropped in his papers.

Many journalists were gathered at the polling station. Putin, in addressing them, said: "Presidential elections are an important event. Economic policy, issues related to education, healthcare and demography depend on the head of state. The domestic political situation and the way we present our interests in the world arena also depend on the president. And finally, the president is the supreme commander-in-chief."

One reporter asked Putin about emerging reports on election fraud. He asked whether the prime minister had spoken with his headquarters and had any information on this score.

"I had a good sleep, did a quick workout and then came here. I haven't spoken with any headquarters," Putin replied.

When asked about attendance, Putin said: "Of course, I expect a good turnout. I'm sure people will treat the elections responsibly."

In parting, Putin noted that Election Day coincides with the end of the first week of Lent and the religious holiday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy. He congratulated believers on these occasions.