26 january 2012

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the Federal Migration Service, where he is shown an interactive migration map of Russia


Head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky told the prime minister that the migration map displays real-time data of migration flows and had been developed for monitoring purposes and to provide services. The map shows the percentage of immigrants arriving from different countries and high-risk groups (immigrants who did not get a work permit).

Romodanovsky said that, above all, citizens of Uzbekistan and Ukraine make up the high-risk group, accounting for 27% and 21% respectively.

“Citizens of Ukraine come for two days, earn some money and avoid taxes. They return home for a day and then come back again,” the head of the service said, pointing out that formally they do not break the law.

“They’ve found a loophole,” Vladimir Putin concluded.

The head of the FMS also showed the prime minister how things stand in the Primorye Territory, which will host the 2012 APEC forum. He said that in view of the forum arrangements, the Primorye Territory has been divided into smaller areas with crossing points designated along the borders.

Konstantin Romodanovsky showed the prime minister real-time data on foreigners residing in Moscow. Specifically, 15,539 Chinese citizens are currently staying at the Izmailovo Hotel. According to the head of the FMS, the situation must be put in order, as many Chinese come to Moscow as tourists and then remain longer.