30 december 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov

Speaking on modernisation issues, which the new Deputy Prime Minister has been charged with overseeing, Vladimir Putin said that there is a need for high-tech projects in the social sphere, including education, science and healthcare.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Mr Surkov, you are not new to administrative bodies, where your work has included domestic policy and modernisation issues. You have been a member of the Presidential Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia’s Economy. In your new post here in the government you will continue working on the modernisation policy. I would like to ask you to oversee such hi-tech projects as GLONASS, as well as to expand the efforts to develop education, science and healthcare, and to upgrade this entire complex by making it more modern and innovative.

Vladislav Surkov: Thank you very much. I am very grateful for your confidence. I believe that the development of high technologies and their implementation in our industry, on the one hand, and social services and healthcare, on the other hand, are closely interrelated. The more advanced the country’s technology, the higher the efficiency of our industry and labour productivity, the more stable the social sector and the higher the quality of life in the country. Therefore, I hope that I will make a contribution to tackling the challenges facing the country by working in these two very important fields.

Vladimir Putin: We must help people. Your work in the Presidential Executive Office focused on domestic policy. You are well aware of certain sensitive issues, particularly in the field of education, science and healthcare, both for the professionals working in these fields and the entire country. I hope your understanding of these issues’ importance will help you in your current work.

Vladislav Surkov: Thank you. We will do our best to accomplish all the objectives. Thank you.