3 march 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin examines new developments in the telecommunications sector


After a meeting with representatives from Russia's leading telecommunications companies, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was shown new devices developed by Yota. The first ever 4G phone was one of them. Yota CEO Denis Sverdlov said "this phone was way ahead of its time: it was only later, in 2010, that US-based companies released their versions." "What are the advantages of this kind of phone?" Prime Minister Vladimir Putin asked. "You see, the point is – this phone works really fast," Yota's CEO answered.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also had the opportunity to look at another recent development – a mobile wifi router. It is battery powered and can create a wifi hotspot anywhere, enabling a large number of users to access the internet.

"Why did you turn the little man upside down?" Vladimir Putin asked, referring to Yota's logo: a little blue or white man doing a handstand. "It symbolises our approach to work – we find solutions no one has ever thought of before," Sverdlov said.

Vladimir Putin donned 3D glasses to watch a nature documentary on a special TV set and a laptop. Yota employees took this opportunity to show how even the smallest mobile devices can now display content-rich movies in 3D.

* * *

Concluding his visit to Yota's office, Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony for the signing of the Basic Provision of the Agreement on a joint venture to develop 4G networks between Yota Group, Rostelecom, MTS, VimpelCom, Megafon and Russian Technologies. The agreement also gives these five companies the opportunity to purchase stakes in Yota Group .