30 october 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Lieutenant General Vladimir Shamanov, commander of Russia’s airborne troops, at the Burdenko Hospital, where he was admitted following a car crash


Vladimir Putin asked how Vladimir Shamanov was feeling, saying, "Well, at least you're smiling."

"The specialists here are great, so everything will be fine," Mr Putin said. "Keep positive - that's the main thing."

Lt. Gen. Shamanov thanked Vladimir Putin for visiting.

"I am not going to talk about what happened," Mr Putin, stressing that Lt. Gen. Shamanov's well-being was paramount.

After talking with the doctors and hospital management, Mr Putin noted that serious work lies ahead on Lt. Gen. Shamanov's road to recovery. Doctors told Mr Putin that Lt. Gen. Shamanov is to undergo surgery next week.

"But you've been through a lot worse, haven't you?" Mr Putin asked the Lieutenant General, before adding that he wouldn't bother the patient any longer and wishing him a full recovery.