28 september 2010

During a working visit to the Komi Republic, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin comments on the resignation of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov at the request of reporters


Question: Mr Putin, the mayor of Moscow resigned today. Many analysts have noted that the president dismissed Yury Luzhkov with some rather harsh words. What is your opinion on the matter?

Vladimir Putin: Yury Luzhkov has done a great deal for the development of Moscow, and to some extent he is a symbolic figure in modern Russia.

However, it is abundantly clear that relations between the mayor of Moscow and the president have broken down. And it is the mayor who answers to the president, not the other way around. Therefore, Mr Luzhkov should have taken the necessary steps to normalise the situation.

Regarding the procedure itself, as you know, yours truly was the author of the law under which heads of the regions and constituent entities of the Russian Federation are appointed and dismissed.

As such, I can say that President Dmitry Medvedev acted in strict compliance with the law and within his authority.

Question: Mr Putin, seeing as you are the party leader, are you going to take part in the selection of candidates?

Vladimir Putin: I have discussed this issue with Mr Medvedev. I think that since the president himself introduced this procedure (and it is lawful) about consultations being held with the leadership of the party in power in this or that region, I am sure that in this case the law will be observed and the procedure introduced by Mr Medvedev will be applied.

Of course, we will think it over and talk some more. I will have an opportunity to express my opinion on this issue.

Question: Have the candidates been selected?

Vladimir Putin: No, not yet.