14 may 2013

Russian-Vietnamese inter-government talks

Transcript of the beginning of the conversation between Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: 

Dmitry Medvedev: Good afternoon my esteemed colleague Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Comrade Nguyen Tan Dung. I am very happy to see you and the Vietnamese delegation. We attach great significance to your visit within the context of strategic-partnership relations, which have been established between our countries. Over the past few years, bilateral military and economic relations and those in the humanitarian sphere have been developing quite well. But, naturally, your visit should fill this with new content.

I recall my fairly recent, extremely packed and very friendly visit to your country. I hope that your visit will also be the same. Esteemed colleague, I would like to sincerely welcome you to my country.

Nguyen Tan Dung (Via interpreter): Mr Prime Minister, my esteemed Russian friends. The members of the Vietnamese delegation and I are very happy for this opportunity to visit Russia, a wonderful and hospitable country, once again. Esteemed Mr Medvedev, I am particularly happy to meet with you again as a good friend of Vietnam. I would like to express tremendous gratitude for this very festive, friendly and warm-hearted reception.

As loyal and devoted friends of Russia, we would like to congratulate you, Comrade Prime Minister, and all of our Russian friends on the tremendous successes which have been achieved by Russia during its national development.

Dmitry Medvedev: Thank you.