The Executive Branch

Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

  • Address: Building 1, 10/23 Sadovo-Samotechnaya Ulitsa, Moscow 127994
  • Telephone/fax: (495) 980-25-47
  • Official Website:
Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Regional Development (Minregion) is a federal executive body responsible for drafting and implementing government policy and legal regulation with regard to:

the socio-economic development of regions and municipalities, including the Extreme North and the Arctic; the administrative and territorial structure of the country; division of responsibilities within the common authority of the federal executive bodies, regional executive bodies and local governments; border and interregional cooperation; urban development, particularly city zoning and  territorial planning; coordination of the drafting and  implementation of comprehensive projects for the socio-economic development of the federal districts; coordination and implementation of priority investment projects of the federal districts; state ethnic policy and inter-ethnic relations, protection; protection of the rights of national minorities; cooperation with Cossack communities; as well as provision of state support from the Investment Fund and subsidies from the federal budget to the regions (in the specified sphere of the ministry’s activities); drafting and coordinating strategies and comprehensive projects for the socio-economic development of the federal districts, federal targeted programmes and departmental targeted programmes in the sphere of comprehensive territorial development. The ministry is also responsible for performing the functions of state contractor (state contractor and coordinator) of federal targeted programmes related to the economic development of the regions and municipalities; drafting and coordination of methods for allocating government funds to the regions and municipalities, and their submission to the government for endorsement, and also for elaborating national policy and legal regulation in the field of construction, architecture and urban development (excluding state technical registration and inventory of capital construction projects) and housing and utilities on questions that are not within the competence of the Federal Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities.