Consultative Bodies

St Petersburg State University

St Petersburg State University, a federal state educational institution of higher professional training, was established by a decree of Peter the Great dated January 22, 1724, which was enacted by the Government Senate on January 28, 1724. Under Presidential Executive Order No. 1487 of November 30, 1992, On Particularly Important Cultural Heritage Sites of the Peoples of the Russian Federation, the university was designated as a particularly important cultural heritage site. Founded by the Russian Government on behalf of the Russian Federation, St Petersburg University is a creative community of faculty, students, researchers and engineers who pursue knowledge and uphold the values of humanism and justice. St Petersburg University provides training and conducts research in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the laws of the Russian Federation and other government regulations, as well as its charter, staff policies and other internal regulations.

Rector: Professor Nikolai Kropachev, DSc (Law)