Russian Government Commissions

Commission on Training Managerial Personnel for the Russian Economy

Chairman of the Government Commission on Training Managerial Personnel for the Russian Economy

The Commission is a coordinating agency of the Government set up to ensure the coordination of the efforts of the federal and regional bodies of executive authority in the implementation of the state policy on training and effective use of managerial personnel in the national economy.

The Commission has the following responsibility:

  • to coordinate the efforts of the federal bodies of executive authority and ensure their effective interaction with the regional bodies of executive authority, the Federal Resource Centre for the Training of Managerial Personnel, as well as the Russian and foreign organisations and public associations involved in the implementation of the state policy of training managerial personnel, and other tasks in this sphere.


Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chief of the Government Staff, Chairman of the Commission;

Inna Bilenkina, Deputy Minister of Education and Science;

Sergei Borisov, President of OPORA Russia (external advisor);

Andrei Volkov, Rector of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management (external advisor);

Sergei Vyazalov, Deputy Governor of St Petersburg;

Gennady Gatilov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Ruslan Gattarov, member of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Information Policy (external advisor);

Alla Gryaznova, President of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;

Sergei Dubik, Head of the Presidential Civil Service Directorate (external advisor);

Alexander Zhilkin, Governor of the Astrakhan Region;

Igor Karavayev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade;

Sergei Katyrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (external advisor);

Mikhail Kotyukov, Deputy Minister of Finance;

Yaroslav Kuzminov, Rector of the Higher School of Economics;

Sergei Litovchenko, Executive Director of the Russian Managers' Association (external advisor);

Ivan Lobanov, Director of the Government Department for State Service and Personnel, Deputy Chairman of the Commission;

Sergei Loktev, First Deputy Governor of the Altai Territory;

Oleg Lushnikov, Director of the Federal Resource Centre for Training Executives, Executive Secretary of the Commission;

Vladimir Mau, Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;

Stanislav Naumov, Vice-President of the Skolkovo Foundation (external advisor);

Vladimir Nikonov, Deputy Governor of the Novosibirsk Region and Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region;

Yury Osintsev, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Regional Development;

Alexander Petrikov, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Agriculture;

Fyodor Prokopov, Deputy Coordinator of the employers’ side of the Trilateral Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations (external advisor);

Vladimir Simonenko, Deputy Minister of Economic Development;

Andrei Svinarenko, Executive Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (external advisor);

Boris Titov, Chairman of Delovaya Rossiya (external advisor);

Maxim Topilin, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation;

Andrei Fyodorov, Director of the Federal Resource Centre on Organisation of Managerial Training for Enterprises of the National Economy;

Midkhat Shagiakhmetov, Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan;

Andrei Sharonov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy.