Russian Government Commissions

Commission on Certification

Chairman of the Government Commission on Certification

The Commission is a permanent body set up to enhance the effectiveness of selecting managerial personnel in the federal state higher schools of professional education set up by the Government. 

The Commission's competence does not include higher schools set up by the federal bodies of executive authority.

The Commission is a pro bono body.

It considers candidates for the post of rector of a higher school nominated in accordance with the school's charter and analyses the documents pertaining to these candidates. In particular, it must ensure that there are no circumstances hindering the candidates' appointment to the said post or their employment in the teaching profession in general, as well as check their professional qualifications and ability to attain the objectives set to the heads of the given higher schools. 


Vladislav Surkov - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chief of the Government Staff, Chairman of the Commission;

Vladimir Fridlyanov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Deputy Chairman of the Commission;

Alexander Degtyaryov, Chairman of the State Duma Education Committee (external advisor);

Nikolay Bulaev, Head of Federal Agency for Education;

Tatyana Potyayeva, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Science and Education Commission;

Yelena Soboleva, Executive Director of the National Training Foundation;

Igor Fyodorov, Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Moscow and the Moscow Region.