29 january 2009

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk


Transcript of Opening Remarks: 

Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, I am very glad to see you again. We value highly your attitude towards the development of good-neighbourly, friendly and mutually beneficial relations with Russia. Since your visit to Moscow, our relations have been developing in a very positive way, and trade has reached a record level.

There are some issues which require special attention from us both. I am glad to exchange opinions on what is still needed to clear up any obstacles and create favourable conditions for inter-state relations in all areas.

Donald Tusk: (as translated) I am also glad, Mr Prime Minister, to see you. Not so much time has passed since our last meeting in Moscow, but it has been packed with very many events. I would like to say these have been difficult times, but that did not dissuade us from a desire to work together for the benefit of the further development of our good-neighbourly relations.

I am also of the opinion that despite the political emotion accompanying these complicated events, our trade has reached a record level. This means that people are wiser than their politics. Two neighbours' desire to trade with each other is stronger than other barriers. If you allow me, Mr Prime Minister, I will get down to business.