21 november 2008

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Health and Social Development Minister Tatyana Golikova

Mr Putin and Ms Golikova discussed adoption of a new salary payment system.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Ms Golikova. Perhaps we could begin with the new salary payment system. Are we ready to introduce it?

Tatyana Golikova: Yes, Mr Putin, the December 1 deadline is getting closer. Per your directive, we have been closely monitoring how all federal executive bodies are transferring to the new pay scheme. So far, we are on schedule. Currently, all federal bodies are approving the rules by which they will assess the performance of managers and are fixing their salaries starting from December 1, for one month. They are also fixing salaries for 2009, keeping in mind that from January 1 the minimum wage is to be raised, as you remember, to 4,330 roubles.

All federal executive bodies have the required funds already, since the wage and salary bill has been increased by 30%. And their subordinate organisations can see how they fit into this system before adopting it.

As part of control measures, Mr Zhukov and I are planning another meeting on Monday with federal ministers responsible for transferring their subordinate units to the new payment system in order to sum up some results and check the readiness to sign additional work contracts, which will list the new terms and rules for fixing the salary of a manager.

Vladimir Putin: If you remember, we discussed ways to avoid a spread between and within the branches? Will recommendations be made to the federal departments?

Tatyana Golikova: Yes, we have already issued such recommendations. It was long ago, in the summer. They dealt with general approaches. Accordingly, the federal bodies, depending on their field - education, health care, culture or farming - described their specific details in orders issued by their ministers. Also, our institutions and our Institute of Labour and Social Development held classes for the federal bodies to give a closer insight into how the system will function.

Vladimir Putin: Good.