20 may 2013

Videoconference on organising children’s recreation


Dmitry Medvedev: Good afternoon to all present here and to those on the video link up.

We are having a regular, but a still important meeting on supporting recreation for children during the summer holidays. We hold such meetings approximately once a year, but the regions may have them more often. The opening of the summer season is close: about 52,000 recreation facilities will accept 8 million children, 8.4 million to be precise (100,000 more than last year). This is more than a half of all Russian schoolchildren, quite a large number. I will try not to state the obvious too much, but all the facilities must be ready to admit children. During the academic year, children study and are under a great deal of psychological pressure. They need a chance to rest and just relax in the summer. Of course, they also can learn something, and there are lots of opportunities for that during the summer season. 

More to be posted soon..