14 may 2013

Russian-Vietnamese inter-government talks


Transcript of the beginning of the conversation between Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: 

Dmitry Medvedev: Good afternoon my esteemed colleague Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Comrade Nguyen Tan Dung. I am very happy to see you and the Vietnamese delegation. We attach great significance to your visit within the context of strategic-partnership relations, which have been established between our countries. Over the past few years, bilateral military and economic relations and those in the humanitarian sphere have been developing quite well. But, naturally, your visit should fill this with new content.

I recall my fairly recent, extremely packed and very friendly visit to your country. I hope that your visit will also be the same. Esteemed colleague, I would like to sincerely welcome you to my country.

Nguyen Tan Dung (Via interpreter): Mr Prime Minister, my esteemed Russian friends. The members of the Vietnamese delegation and I are very happy for this opportunity to visit Russia, a wonderful and hospitable country, once again. Esteemed Mr Medvedev, I am particularly happy to meet with you again as a good friend of Vietnam. I would like to express tremendous gratitude for this very festive, friendly and warm-hearted reception.

As loyal and devoted friends of Russia, we would like to congratulate you, Comrade Prime Minister, and all of our Russian friends on the tremendous successes which have been achieved by Russia during its national development.

Dmitry Medvedev: Thank you.


A number of documents were signed in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev and Nguyễn Tấn Dũng following Russian-Vietnamese talks

The list of documents signed:

– Plan for cooperation in the tourism sector between the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for 2013-2015;

– Programme for cooperation between the Russian Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for 2013-2014;

– Loan agreement between the International Investment Bank and the Vietnamese Industry and Trade Commercial Bank;

– Agreement on comprehensive cooperation between Russian Railways, Vietnam Railways, and An Vien Group;

– Memorandum of understanding between Gazprom, PetroVietnam Oil & Gas Corporation for cooperation in the production and use of gas as motor fuel in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

– Memorandum of understanding between Zarubezhneft and PetroVietnam Oil & Gas Corporation;

– Agreement on establishing a joint drilling company between Zarubezhneft and PetroVietnam Oil & Gas Corporation;

– Agreement of intent between Gazprom and PetroVietnam Oil & Gas Corporation;

– Memorandum on scientific and academic cooperation between Lomonosov Moscow State University and Vietnam National University in Hanoi.

* * *

Statements to the press by Dmitry Medvedev and Nguyen Tan Dung


Dmitry Medvedev: Ladies and gentlemen, Vietnamese friends, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. I’d like to say a few words about the results of our talks.

The talks were characterised by a constructive spirit and special atmosphere. The main point is that they fully reflect the essence of relations between the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. I’m referring to our strategic partnership.

All those present were in attendance for the signing of major documents following the talks. Our cooperation is steadily developing and its annual growth (about 20%) reflects the mutual interests of our economies and our desire to develop trade and economic cooperation.

We’ve discussed today the guidelines for trade cooperation and both agreed that we can improve it and achieve more, especially considering the formation of a free trade zone between members of the Customs Union and Vietnam. We are now conducting talks on this issue and drafting a relevant agreement. We hope to establish a free trade zone that will not be limited to the exchange of goods but will also potentially cover the sphere of services, movement of capital and technology transfers.

We have many opportunities to develop our investment cooperation. This is one of our priorities and we’ve just signed some major documents. We hope to reach final agreement on the list of priority investment projects. All in all, there are about 20 projects in diverse fields – industry, energy, car making, tourism and developing competitive production lines in Russia, including Siberia and the Far East.

The power industry plays a very big role in our cooperation and we have just signed two related documents. We are happy that our energy cooperation is so intensive, and not only hydrocarbons but also nuclear power. Our nuclear technology is at the highest level. I hope we’ll be able to cooperate not only on building a nuclear plant but also the infrastructure.

I’d like to say a few words on cultural matters. We have truly special relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This is very true and our affection for each other formed many years ago and developed into friendship between the then Soviet Union and Vietnam. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese have studied in our country and I’m pleased to say that your delegations always have people who speak wonderful Russian. This is our capital and it is oriented to the future. In fact, today about 6,000 Vietnamese attend university in Russia. This is a considerable number.

 We hope that our relations in education, tourism and other cultural spheres will develop further, consolidating our traditional friendship.

 I’d like to thank my colleague Nguyen Tan Dung once again for the constructive, open and very productive atmosphere during our talks.

 Thank you. Cam on (“thank you” in Vietnamese).

Nguyen Tan Dung (via interpreter): Mr Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Russian and Vietnamese friends. Four years later I again have the opportunity to visit your wonderful and hospitable country. I’d like to thank Mr Medvedev and our Russian friends for the very friendly, attentive and warm feelings they’ve shown for our delegation.

As true friends of Russia, allow me to congratulate on behalf of our delegation Prime Minister Medvedev, the Russian Government and the people of Russia on their enormous achievements in the last few years.

Comrades and friends, we’ve held very successful talks with Comrade Medvedev. I fully agree with my Russian colleague’s characterisation of our talks and statements. I’d also like to make a few points.

Our talks were held in a spirit of cordial friendship.  We have exchanged information on the situation in both countries and discussed in detail all issues pertaining to current cooperation and prospects. We’ve also agreed on further steps to enhance cooperation in the future.

We’ve agreed to further intensify contacts on the basis of deep trust by sending delegations, primarily at the highest level, and enhancing ties between the ruling parties, parliaments, ministries, departments and regions with a view to achieving even better results, especially in spheres of mutual interest.  We’ll pay more attention to economic cooperation to provide a material foundation for our strategic partnership.

We’ve discussed measures on further invigorating our trade and economic contacts, investment cooperation, the oil-and-gas industry, the nuclear power industry and defence cooperation.

Both sides are pleased about the results of the first round of talks on signing the agreement on a free trade zone that took place in Hanoi last March. We are also happy about the timetable and the main directions of the talks on this agreement and will do everything to ensure that it is signed soon.  

We believe that its signing will represent a breakthrough in our trade and economic relations and will allow us to increase bilateral trade to seven billion dollars in 2015 and $10 billion in 2020, as we have said. Both Mr Medvedev and I agree that even these figures are too modest and we can do better in this regard.

Our energy cooperation is a great success and is making a major contribution to the development of our economies. Both Mr Medvedev and I are pleased with the operation of our oil-and-gas joint ventures. We promise to create the best possible conditions for their development and the formation of new ones to enable them to play an even bigger role in the oil-and-gas industry in Vietnam, Russia and third countries.

As for the nuclear power industry, we’ve agreed to cooperate on building the Ninh Thuận-1 nuclear power station. We’ll compile a timetable for this project and use the latest technology to build the station to guarantee high performance and safety.

 We’ve also agreed to step up our defence cooperation, in particular the training of military specialists with a view to upgrading cooperation in other spheres, such as science and technology and education. We’ve agreed to make defence cooperation one of the foundations of our strategic partnership.

We’ll continue strengthening our contacts in science and technology, culture and tourism and training of personnel.

Comrades and friends! Throughout the history of our relations with Russia, Vietnam has always regarded the Russian people as true friends that helped very much during its struggle for freedom and independence and its peaceful development. We think this assistance has been very generous and want to assure you that we’ll do all we can to develop our strategic cooperation with our Russian friends in our mutual interests and in the name of peace, stability and prosperity in the region and the world.

On behalf of our Government and people, I’ve invited Comrade Medvedev to visit Vietnam again, and he graciously accepted. We’ll be looking forward to seeing him. Thank you very much!

Dmitry Medvedev: Xin Cam on (“thank you very much” in Vietnamese).