24 april 2013

Arkady Dvorkovich holds a meeting of the Government Commission on the Development of the Electric Power Industry


The meeting participants reviewed the Ministry of Energy' proposals on adjusting the rules for competitive capacity outtake for 2014. They approved the proposals on improving the procedure of competitive capacity outtake and proposals on excluding technical standards for capacity outtake participants (Ministry of Energy Order No 430 of June 27, 2011).

They supported proposals introducing in 2014 mandatory annual testing for certification of generating equipment that has served over 55 years.

Based on the report by Federal Tariff Service Head Sergei Novikov, the meeting participants approved proposals on compensating, in 2013-2014, the 2012 expenses of companies whose generating facilities supplied power under a compulsory regime in 2012.

In addition, they examined the level of payments for electric energy (capacity), and the Sovet Rynka proposals on improving payment discipline on power (capacity) markets. Following the discussion, the participants instructed the Ministry of Energy jointly with relevant federal executive bodies to work on the submitted proposals.