24 april 2013

Dmitry Rogozin speaks at the Seventh International Satellite Navigation Forum


Speaking at the forum in Moscow, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia will remain sovereign and independent by having its own satellite navigation system.

"Different situations could occur, and having the opportunity to control the precise signal of navigation systems is a matter of national security," Mr Rogozin said.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that while developing defence technologies we should not overlook the civilian sector. We must ensure that "distinguished scientific and military thought contributes to the country's civilian development." In his opinion, this is the government's ultimate goal.

Mr Rogozin added that Russia is ready to provide a precise navigation signal to its partners. The country does need its own navigation system, but it is equally prepared to provide a precise navigation signal to its partners for their own safety reasons, he said.


While visiting the forum, Mr Rogozin toured the Navitech-2013 navigation device exhibition.