16 april 2013

Vladislav Surkov chairs a meeting on promoting innovative projects in composite materials sector


Meeting participants addressed the promotion of promising projects aimed at solving high-tech innovative tasks in the composite materials sector. Attendees considered the implications of  using new composite materials in transport, energy sector and construction.

Mr Surkov ordered those at the meeting to compile a list of the most promising research projects, being pursued in cooperation with universities, academic institutes and industrial enterprises, and include the use of the best global experience.

A decision was made to consider the standardisation of composite materials for use in construction. Other efforts included mechanisms for financing research and development within the estimated budget for the construction of large infrastructure projects.

The meeting was attended by representatives from institutes for development, scientific institutions and the business community.

The Deputy Prime Minister also met with Andrew Walker, Professor and General Director of the National Composites Certification and Evaluation Facility at the University of Manchester. Mr Surkov and Mr Walker discussed the prospective of setting up a modern composite materials research centre at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.