11 april 2013

Dmitry Rozogin chairs a meeting on the mobilisation preparations of the Far Eastern economy


At the meeting in Blagoveshchensk in the Amur Region, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rozogin said that the state defence order is undergoing serious transformation, which is bringing positive results.

The defence order performance figures have reached almost 100% in 2012 for the first time in the past decade, Rogozin said. Plans for 2013 include completing the development of the legal organisational framework for the new state defence order planning system. According to Mr Rogozin, today's warfare spectrum is different, with escalations of tensions proceeding faster. In this regard, mobilisation tasks have been set for enterprises only concerning positions stipulated in the state armaments programme.

Mr Rogozin emphasised that the mobilisation plan is becoming more concise and less expensive. The expenses of manufacturers that received mobilisation tasks will be compensated in full, the Deputy Prime Minister said.