11 april 2013

Background materials for April 11, 2013 Government meeting

The following issues will be discussed at the meeting:

 1. Measures to provide the Russian Federation’s healthcare system with medical personnel.

The proposed set of measures is aimed at implementing state personnel policy measures in healthcare, in particular:

- improving the system of training experts pursuing a medical and a pharmaceutical education and forming the human resource potential in the sector;

- using more extensively material and moral incentives for the personnel, including annual professional contests for doctors, paramedics and pharmaceutical personnel;  

- adopting regional programmes by executive authorities of the regions and approved by the Healthcare Ministry aimed at improving the skills of medical personnel, assessing the level of their professional qualification, gradually dealing with the shortage of medical personnel, and providing differentiated measures of social support for medical personnel, primarily for rare specialties.


2. Draft federal law On Introducing an Amendment to Article 292 of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

 According to the Constitutional Court resolution, the Civil Code’s Part One, Article 292, Paragraph 4 does not comply with the Constitution in respect to defining the procedure for alienating residential premises where underage members of the landlord’s family reside if their rights or their legal interests are affected.

The Constitutional Court has also established that the norm of the Civil Code’s Part One, Article 292, Paragraph 4 denies, in the case of the alienation of residential premises where underage individuals reside, the possibility to provide effective state protection, including judicial protection of the rights of individuals who are formally not under guardianship or custodianship or left (according to the guardianship body’s data at the time of the deal) without parental care, but practically are without it at the time of the alienation of residential premises, or are considered to be under parental care.   

The draft law introduces in the Civil Code’s Part One, Article 292, Paragraph 4 an amendment establishing that an agreement of the guardianship body is required in cases when underage individuals or the landlord’s family members under the guardianship or the custodianship reside in these premises.