8 april 2013

Olga Golodets on a working visit to Switzerland


During her visit to Geneva on April 5, Olga Golodets met with the management of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and reviewed the centre’s main project, the Large Hadron Collider. She also talked to Russian scientists involved in the project. Golodets confirmed Russia’s intention to upgrade its status at CERN from observer to associate member. She stressed that more active involvement would be beneficial for Russia in many respects.

“The competence and expertise of Russian physicists has been recognised internationally. It is crucial for Russia to participate in the world’s leading scientific projects,” the Deputy Prime Minister said. “CERN membership will open up access to many projects and their material results for Russia, as well as provide us with more opportunities for all kinds of educational programmes.”

She said that the CERN research projects have already found practical application, not only in physics but in healthcare as well.

A special delegation from CERN is expected to visit Moscow on April 18 to confirm that Russia is ready for associate membership. If confirmed, the status will be granted to Russia in 2014.

At a meeting with Russian physicists working at CERN, Golodets discussed their proposals on better working conditions, and career and research opportunities for scientists in Russia. As a follow-up to the meeting, a number of instructions will be given to the Ministry of Education and Science on improving educational programmes and working conditions for researchers.

Russia has been involved in CERN projects since 1967. Currently, the organisation employs over 800 Russian scientists.