5 april 2013

Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov holds a meeting with representatives of high technology business in Zelenograd Innovative Technology Centre


The meeting was attended by business representatives who have been included in the TekhUspekh (Tech-Success) Russian rating of the top-30 most rapidly developing innovative companies.

It was noted during the meeting that the allocations for the subprogramme of encouraging innovations under the Economic Development and the Innovation-Driven Economy state programme account for over 160 billion roubles until 2020. This subprogramme is aimed at improving innovative business activity, streamlining coordination between existing elements of the innovative system and elements being created, and ensuring comprehensive support for innovative businesses at all stages. 

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, the fundamental institutional conditions have already been created in Russia for innovative development.

“We will now focus on supporting specific innovative projects,” Mr Surkov said.