28 february 2013

Background material for the February 28, 2013, Government meeting

The following issues are scheduled for discussion:

1. Draft state programme Natural Resource Use and Restoration

The primary aims of the state programme is to ensure that there is a sustainable supply of mineral resources for the economy as well as all the necessary geological information on subsurface resources; sustainable water use that preserves aquatic ecosystems and protects the population and commercial facilities from water-related negative impacts; and the preservation, reproduction and rational use of game resources.

The draft programme includes the following sub-programmes: Restoration of Mineral Resources and Geological Exploration of Subsurface Resources; Use of Water Resources; Preservation and Reproduction of Game Resources; as well as the information on the federal targeted programme Development of the Water Resources Utilisation System of the Russian Federation, 2012-2020.

2. Draft state programme Fishery Industry Development

The draft state programme defines the aims, goals and main vectors of the development of the fishery industry for the period to 2020 and outlines mechanisms for implementing development measures and efficiency indicators for the industry.

The draft state programme includes six sub-programmes: Organisation of Fishing; Aquatic Resource Development; Science and Innovation; Security and Oversight; Modernisation and Incentives; and Conditions for Implementing the State Programme.