26 february 2013

Dmitry Medvedev visits Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development in Lytkarino in Moscow Region


Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev toured the institute's workshops, where he viewed various types of equipment and the production specimens and aggregates undergoing testing. Mr Medvedev was shown engines for Superjet-100s, MIG fighters, and combat helicopters, including a state-of-the-art engine to be installed in fifth-generation T-50 fighters.

The Prime Minister reviewed the work conducted on the new PD-14 engine for the MS-21 airplane, which is based on the most innovative design and development technologies. Major national enterprises are participating in its creation.

* * *

The Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development is a unique research organisation in Russia, conducting comprehensive aircraft engine-building design and research. Its activities range from fundamental physical process research to joint design department work to create, to improve, and to certify new engines.

Practically all national aircraft engines have been created with the institute's participation and have been fine-tuned on the institute's stands.

The Research Centre of the Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development is located in Lytkarino. It is the largest European stand complex for testing full-sized thermal jet engines.

Only the Glenn Research Centre and the Arnold Engineering Development Complex in the United States are larger. The stands support testing, including of certified leading foreign aviation equipment from companies such as General Electric, Eurocopter, and SNECMA.

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