30 october 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, on a working visit to the Perm Region, visits Sibur-Khimprom for the launch of the second phase of a polystyrene production line

Dmitry Medvedev's speech at the opening ceremony:

Let me give you hearty congratulations on this very pleasant event. This is not only about Sibur but also about our entire chemical industry and, accordingly, our national economy. In Perm today, polystyrene production will reach full capacity right from the test run mode. This is the second phase and naturally, it opens up new possibilities. Your plant will produce considerably more output, which means new production opportunities, new earnings, and hopefully higher salaries. This is a good indicator.

Polystyrene foam is in high demand both domestically and abroad. But we still have to learn how to use its full potential. Right after this opening I'll hold a meeting on modern building materials, and polystyrene foam is certainly one of them, because it's an insulator and helps achieve higher energy efficiency and drastically reduce heat losses.

I've just seen some of the equipment. It looks impressive because it's new, hi-tech equipment. But equipment is one thing, the operators are another. This is why it's important that Sibur employs qualified specialists like those who are here today. This in turn requires that you train replacements, work with young people, engage in vocational guidance, and enroll students in specialised institutions and colleges. I hope you'll do this and thus have enough skilled personnel.

Opening new plants is always exciting. I'm also happy that this is happening in Perm. I hope that this is just one of many great pages in the history of Sibur as a hi-tech, state-of-the-art company that will develop and strengthen its viability both domestically and in terms of exports. But, most importantly, I hope this company will create new jobs and take care of its employees.

Dear friends, let me congratulate you again on this wonderful event and wish success to this new industry. Take care!

* * *

After addressing the company's staff, Mr Medvedev launched the new polystyrene production line.

The Prime Minister then inspected the advanced polystyrene production technology and visited the facility's control centre, which oversees all production lines.

The Prime Minister signed the company's guest book to commemorate his visit.