8 august 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev takes questions from journalists following his visit to South Ossetia

The Prime Minister was asked about his impressions of his visit to the republic and also about how the Russian Government is intending to monitor the spending of the funds being allocated for the reconstruction of South Ossetia. Dmitry Medvedev said he had noticed positive changes from his previous visit but added that there was still a lot to be done in the republic. “In terms of how the money being allocated to the Republic of South Ossetia is spent, that is, of course, a decision for them, we are not going to interfere in their prerogatives. Our job is to help and support them in rebuilding the civilian infrastructure,” he stressed.

Commenting on Russia’s actions during the 2008 Georgian-Ossetian conflict, the Prime Minister said that he decided to send Russian troops into South Ossetia two and a half hours after the Georgian army began its offensive, and that he did not consult with the Defence Minister or any of his colleagues. “That kind of decision can only be taken by one person, and at the time that person was me, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief and President of the country,” Medvedev said. He also expressed confidence that the decision to use force in response to the situation unfolding in South Ossetia was taken at precisely the time it needed to be taken.

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