6 august 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits an exhibition featuring innovations in the coal industry, as part of a working trip to the Kemerovo region


Dmitry Medvedev was shown the Grach positioning system that determines miners’ location in a mine within 20 metres. “Great system, I really liked it,” Mr Medvedev said.

During a 3D demonstration of a tunneling machine training model, the Prime Minister personally tried to operate the machine using computer simulation. Representatives of the coal company, who have been using this model to train their staff, told Mr Medvedev that it is very helpful in training tunneling specialists.

In addition to that, Dmitry Medvedev was shown a simulation of a mine emergency caused by a methane explosion. The simulated blast was quite tangible. As explained by one of the machine’s designers, in real life, the blast would have been 24,000 times as powerful. “It was very real,” Mr Medvedev said, referring to the simulation.

Also, new gas analyzers and dust removers were demonstrated to the Prime Minister.