5 august 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev attends concert marking City Day during his visit to Omsk


Dmitry Medvedev’s speech at the concert:

Good afternoon, friends, Omsk residents. It is always pleasant to arrive in a city on its holiday. In four years, Omsk will celebrate its 300th anniversary. I hope that at that time, when I visit again, your wonderful city will be even a more beautiful and comfortable with its new metro and all.

I hope you are in a good mood today, and the weather only adds to it – although, this summer has been a difficult one, very dry. Well, this is nature, but today it feels nice.

I wish health and comfort and a positive outlook to you and your families, and prosperity to your city in general both today and in the future.

At today’s meeting, we will be discussing certain issues regarding Siberia, Omsk and the region’s development.

My congratulations on City Day! Wishing you happiness, love and all the best. Good-bye until we meet again.