2 august 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev holds a government meeting

One of the main topics of discussion in the meeting was the additional disaster relief measures in the Krasnodar Territory. As of July 30, 54,000 people had received one-off assistance payments of 10,000 roubles, and around 20,000 people had received financial assistance in the amount of 150,000 roubles. Medical assistance in the form of lump sum payments of 400,000 roubles went to 59 people, and 74 people received payments of 200,000 roubles. Assistance was paid out to 117 families whose relatives died in the disaster. The Prime Minister said that this work must be seen through to the end. In addition, based on decisions taken earlier to support the flood victims, a further two government directives have been drafted – on allocating federal budget subsidies to the budget of the Krasnodar Territory in the amount of 4.1 billion roubles and up to 320 million roubles.

In accordance with the government resolution, money is also being allocated for medical and health spa treatment and follow-up care for the most vulnerable sections of the population: pregnant women, women with children, children, the elderly and the disabled.

The meeting also looked at the issue of distributing subsidies from the 2012 federal budget to the regions to support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as a draft programme for the exploration of the continental shelf and the long-term development of its mineral resources.

In Medvedev’s opinion, the development of the shelf is a strategic topic, but its huge investment and economic potential is not yet being exploited, and the structure of the raw material base has not been evaluated in enough detail.

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