12 july 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev meets with representatives of the business community


Dmitry Medvedev's introductory remarks:

Good afternoon, colleagues. Since I've already made political statements in this warm, friendly atmosphere, I will not make any more, as everything is more or less clear already. I would like to hear from you and, of course, to react to the proposals you have – proposals on general issues and probably on specific issues related to the regulation of business activities in our country, and on the challenges our economy faces in the context of international financial affairs. And we can also discuss the development of the regional components, and the Open Government system, if we are to use it as the platform for our interactions. I am at your disposal, bearing in mind that we all have our own schedules. Unlike many others present here, I belong to a political party and will hold another meeting with the party. So please spare my health, but still I am at your disposal within reason. Thanks a lot. You are welcome to speak. I have a list of colleagues here who could say something, but, of course, I will open the floor to those who wish to speak. My only request is that you keep your remarks brief. Please, go ahead.