2 july 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits a neighbourhood under construction in Vladivostok’s Patrokl Bay


In response to the prime minister's question, Mr Braverman said that about 70% of flats in the development will go for reasonable prices – 65,000-75,000 roubles per square metre, and even this will go down 20% when construction of another, adjacent development starts. "We will commission 150,000-200,000 square metres per year starting next year," he said.

The houses are built using energy-saving technology, and cutting-edge hydraulic control panels allow absorb all harmful admixtures from supplied water.

When Mr Medvedev asked about facade, Mr Braverman responded that the Japanese-made panels can withstand temperatures of up to minus 60 degrees centigrade, and their service life is 60 years.

"Why Japanese? Can't we make them in Russia?" Mr Medvedev asked. Mr Braverman replied that the panels are in great demand and there are plans to launch production in Artyom.

He added that the residential development will have a kindergarten, school, clinic, indoor swimming pool and other recreational facilities.

"A fantastic place!" Mr Medvedev said about the neighbourhood.