9 june 2012

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits the Gorbunov Aviation Production Association in Kazan


Dmitry Medvedev began his visit with a guided tour of aircraft maintenance and upgrade projects. Mikhail Pogosyan, president of United Aircraft, and Vasil Kayumov, company CEO, explained the company's programmes.

They told the prime minister that UAC mainly focuses on the production of Tu-214-based aircraft for special purposes. In particular, Dmitry Medvedev inspected the Tu-213 Skan that will be handed over to Rossiya Aircraft Division after the upgrade.

The prime minister also inspected the Tu-214 airborne relay aircraft which can be used as a command center for special operations.

Pogosyan and Kayumov reported on military aircraft upgrade projects and the company's partnerships with other aerospace corporations.

A display of composite aviation products was arranged specifically for Mr Medvedev. The projects presented included the An-70 military transport plane. Sergei Laletin, chief engineer of the Kazan Research Institute of Aviation, said the project called for 60 airplanes of this type for the Defence Ministry by 2020 as required by the state armament programme. The project will create as many as 2,500 jobs.

The prime minister also reviewed the designs of a number of aviation research institutions and manufacturers, including that of Kazan Research University. University projects include the development of polymeric and composite materials. The Friend or Foe Identification system (FFI) by the Radioelectronics Technology Group was also among the items on display.

In addition to the aviation equipment, the prime minister reviewed other devices such as a walk-through metal detector that identifies the location of metal items on a human body.

Dmitry Medvedev was also shown the production facilities at the Sokol Design Bureau including an air targeting system and a prototype of a tactical supersonic aircraft.

As he was leaving the production shops, the prime minister reviewed the Fermer airplane for agricultural purposes that, according to its developers, can increase harvests by up to 50%. The prime minister also inspected the Murena multipurpose four-seat plane and the Ansat training plane.

During his visit to the plant, Medvedev talked to the staff.

"I am here to discuss new projects. Where there are new projects there is money," the prime minister noted. He added that new orders will require greater capacity and that the company has enough floor space to add new production facilities.

Several employees asked the prime minister to sign a photograph of an airplane and the company logo. "I wish you luck, success and more customers," Medvedev wrote on the photograph. "That's all that's needed," he commented.

The prime minister received a model of the world's 'best strategic bomber' as a keepsake.

Finalising the short meeting, the prime minister posed for a picture with the staff and the CEO of the company.