30 january 2012

At the end of his working trip to Tikhvin, Vladimir Putin visits the Tikhvin Dormition Monastery and bows down before the Theotokos of Tikhvin icon


At the entrance to the monastery, Vladimir Putin was greeted by Father Superior Evfimy, who showed the prime minister to the Dormition Cathedral – where the sacred icon is kept – and related to him the history of the monastery.

Vladimir Putin bowed down before the icon, which is believed to have special powers, and lit a candle. Later, he toured the cathedral. Father Superior told the prime minister about the history of the icon and mentioned that all Russian tsars starting from Ivan the Terrible – except Nicholas II – had come to the icon for a blessing before ascending to the throne.

Vladimir Putin asked if the monastery has any problems and how the renovation work is proceeding. The Father Superior told him about the work being carried out and how it is planned to spend the money allocated for the monastery.

As he was walking out of the cathedral, the prime minister stopped to talk to believers, who addressed him with requests. A woman working in the monastery told Vladimir Putin that her husband had worked in the Kamchatka Peninsula and developed a disability but could not get a compensation he is eligible for. The woman handed a letter with her request to the prime minister.

As Vladimir Putin was leaving the monastery, the believers thanked him for his visit and wished him victory in the presidential election.