19 december 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits the Sayano-Shushenshaya hydroelectric power station and takes part in the commissioning ceremony for a new power unit


Putin began his visit to the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station from the shore spillway's observation post. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has visited the observation post over the Sayano-Shushenshaya hydroelectric power station's shore spillway. In 2010, the prime minister called for a meticulous audit of spillway construction expenses. Yury Gorbenko, a member of RusHydro's Board, told the prime minister that this investigation had been completed. "The cost estimate was 2.34 billion roubles in 2004 benchmark prices. In 2011, we compiled a cost estimate incorporating detailed design documentation. This cost estimate was even less, at 2.2 billion in benchmark prices. The final cost estimate in current prices is lower than in the recalculation," Mr Gorbenko noted.

Mr Gorbenko also told the prime minister that all authorisations for the station's operation had been received, including the document issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Environment, Technology and Nuclear Management (Rostekhnadzor). This document states that the facility adheres to all technical regulations. The prime minister was told that the spillway was ready for operation.

Vladimir Putin subsequently took part in the commissioning ceremony for the new power unit. As a result the capacity of the Sayano-Shushenshaya hydroelectric power station, which was damaged during a 2009 accident, will reach 3.2 GW, or 50% of its rated capacity.

The prime minister pushed a symbolic button, and an attached monitor started displaying the unit's operational specifications and the entire station's changing capacity. Prior to the unit's activation, the station's total capacity was measured at 1,920 MW. Several seconds later, after the unit was put on stream, this figure exceeded 2,500 MW.

RusHydro representatives told the prime minister about the station's ongoing reconstruction. They discussed current work and noted that all the necessary equipment was arriving on time.